President Kenyatta confident of election victory after voting

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President Uhuru Kenyatta cast his vote at Mutomo Primary School in his birthplace of Gatundu, Kiambu County shortly after 11.30 am today, and voiced his confidence that Kenyans would hand him a new 5-year mandate to finish the job.

The President came to the polling station accompanied by his family including First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and his mother, former First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, and two of his three children.

A media scram of dozens of cameras, both local and international, greeted him as he arrived to vote.

Speaking after casting his vote, President Kenyatta said he was confident of winning because he ran a positive campaign.

“I feel good. I feel positive because we ran a positive campaign,” the President told reporters. He said his party ran on a platform of peace, harmony and progress that resonated with Kenyans.

The President  called for peace, urging Kenyans to vote peacefully and go back to their homes to await the results.

“Vote and go home to wait for the results,” the President said in response to a question about what his message to Kenyans was on election day.

He urged Kenyans to safeguard the stability of the country.

“Peace. Peace. Peace. I say peace because Kenya was here before and it will be here after today,” said the President.

The Head of State will spend the day in Gatundu visiting with neighbors, and waiting for the results to come from the electoral body.

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  • otieno zack says:

    HIS Exellency president is the most lovely president in africa and he loves and interact with all kenyans freely despite of their tribal and political issues, LONG LIVED MR. KENYATTA OUR KAGAME.

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