President commends Kenyans for electing many women in political leadership

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has commended Kenyans for voting in many women in political positions, saying this is a sign of a progressive democracy.

He said with the election of three women governors – two on a Jubilee party – and three women senators as well as several Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of County Assembly (MCAs), Kenya is on the right track towards its all-inclusive development quest.

The President, who spoke today during the inauguration of the new Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso, commended the residents for electing progressive leaders who are ready to work with the national Government to advance the transformation agenda. Also sworn-in was the Bomet Deputy Governor Hillary Barchok.

“I want to thank Kenyans, and especially Jubilee supporters, for choosing women to take up political leadership,” said the President.

He said with Jubilee having majority elected governors, senators, MPs and MCAs, it is clear that Kenyans chose the party to take the country forward.

“Jubilee has 27 governors, 28 senators, 31 women representatives, 170 MPs and majority MCAs. With majority at all levels, it is clear that Jubilee took the victory,” said the President.

He said although it is the right for the Opposition to go to court, it would have been wiser for them to concede defeat and allow Kenyans to continue with their development agenda.

The President called on NASA leader Raila Odinga to follow the example of his co-principle Isaac Ruto who has conceded defeat and pledged to support the new governor in developing Bomet county.

“We are waiting for the Supreme Court decision but he (Raila) should have been a gentleman like his co-principle Isaac Ruto so that Kenyans can continue with their nation-building activities uninterrupted,” said the President.

He pointed out that leadership is not about competition but rather service delivery to wananchi and urged the incoming county governments to partner with the national Government in delivering quality service to Kenyans.

Speaking after taking oath of office, Governor Laboso said devolution did not intend to create competition and enmity between the national and county governments but rather a relationship based on cooperation and mutual engagement for the benefit of citizens.

“I give you my promise that I shall steer our county away from the tumultuous waters of perennial controversy to the calm waters of consultation with fellow leaders and working in harmony with the national Government for the benefit of our people,” said Governor Laboso.

 While pledging to provide servant-leadership, Governor Laboso pointed out that the position of governor was not created so as to have people who will lord it over citizens but rather to facilitate delivery of timely and quality service.

“Our people aspired to hire a servant who would lead them in decision making, and determining how their resources would be allocated.  I give you my promise that I shall be a servant-leader,” she said.

 She said as a firm believer in law and legal instituted institutions, she would work closely with elected leaders to ensure service delivery to Bomet residents.

“We shall truthfully adhere to the law and spirit of public participation in decision making and ensure equitable distribution of resources in all wards,” said Governor Laboso.

The new Bomet Governor said in accordance to her 7-point plan manifesto, her administration will improve crop and dairy production, source markets for agricultural products and build strong cooperative societies to make agriculture a productive, attractive and profitable enterprise.

“We shall solve perennial water problems once and for all by putting up high volume tanks in every ward and work with the national Government to fast track completion of the Bosto water project,” said the new Governor.

She also pledged to work to improve the county road network and partner with the national Government to not only complete all ongoing road tarmacking projects but also initiate new ones.

“We shall ensure there is at least one dispensary per sub-location and one health centre per ward with improved maternal and child care services and upgrade medical facilities including Kapkoros, Tegat, Sigor, Sotik, Koiwa, Cheptalal and Bomet town health centres,” said the Bomet Governor.

Governor Laboso further said her administration will establish well-equipped Early Childhood Development Centres (ECD) in every public primary school in Bomet besides equipping all technical and vocational training institutes to enhance basic training for artisans and expanding infrastructure for the Bomet University.

Other speakers included outgoing Governor Isaac Ruto and Elgeyo/Marakwet Senator Kipchuma Murkomen. Senator Murkomen challenged NASA leaders to wait and respect the Supreme court verdict on the election.

He said once the decision is made Kenyans need to continue with their development agenda instead of being threatened with mass action.

The ceremony was also attended by several leaders including governors, MPs, Cabinet Secretaries and wananchi from all walks of life.

President Kenyatta attends Sunday service urges Kenyans to pray and maintain peace, unity

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President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto today joined Catholic faithful for a Sunday mass at a Ngong cathedral where they urged Kenyans to continue praying for peace and unity.

The President said the country should steer away from tension inspired by politics and Kenyans should continue with their day-today activities without any fear.

“There is no need for tension or fear, Kenya will still be there after elections. Leave us as leaders to tackle our political issues. Kenya was there before election and it will continue to exist,” said President Kenyatta .

Governor-elect Mike Sonko (Nairobi) and Governor Joseph ole  Lenku (Kajiado) and MP Joseph Manje (Kajiado North) attended the service at St Joseph’s Cathedral.

The Head of State particularly hailed Kenyans for engaging in peaceful activities during the last electioneering period, noting that the country was maturing democratically.

He told Kenyans to leave politics to politicians and concentrate on activities aimed at improving their lives.

He thanked Kajiado residents for taking the lead in preaching peaceful coexistence among themselves with their neighbours despite the fact that the area was a cosmopolitan and with diverse political affiliations.

“Kajiado is an example to Kenyans, despite hosting different communities, it was the only Cosmopolitan county whose residents  were not drawn int the 2007/2008 post election violence,” said President Kenyatta.

He thanked the residents for voting overwhelmingly  for Jubilee candidates in the just concluded general election and urged them to continue with same Kenyan spirit of peace and unity.

Deputy President Ruto said all Kenyans are winners in the just concluded `general Election, saying the manner in which voters exercised their democratic rights was an indication that the country is maturing politically.

“Our democracy is growing as demonstrated by the way Kenyans voted during the just concluded general election,” said Mr Ruto.

The Deputy President said it was impressive that Kenyans voted to parties whose campaigns were based on issues and not ethnic backgrounds.

He said it is encouraging that leaders were now respecting the rule of law by their commitment to solving issues of elections through the courts as contained in the Constitution.

“Although we have differences in opinion, it is impressive that leaders are committed to following the rule of law in addressing such issues,” said Deputy President Ruto.

“Disputes arising from elections can always be solved through the Constitution, legal and in a peaceful manner,” added the Deputy President.

Mr ole Lenku and Mr Sonko appealed to Kenyans to embrace peace and avoid activities that can disrupt their peaceful coexistence.

“Lets embrace peace and harmonious relations because politics come and go but our development is there to stay,” said Mr ole Lenku.

“Politics is like rainy clouds, where they come and go but normal life continues,” said Mr Sonko.

Father Anthony Koikai conducted the mass and also delivered the sermon urging the faithful to embrace the gift of faith which has been given freely by God.

President tells Nairobi leaders they must deliver improved services

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has told Nairobi Jubilee leaders that they must avoid squabbles when they take office and deliver real change to the capital city’s residents.

When he met elected leaders – from Governor-elect, Senator-elect, to MPs-elect and MCAs-elect, the President said resolving the city’s challenges was why they were voted in.

“Nairobians want to see efficient garbage collection, clean water, better traffic flow. In short, they want to see a rapid and significant improvement in service delivery,” the President said.

President Kenyatta congratulated the politicians for their poll victories but warned them that not focusing on the lives of Nairobians would cost them public confidence.

“Most of you have been elected for the first time, don’t allow power to get into your head, I have seen many taking that route and they failed. Wananchi are our bosses and that’s why we want to change Nairobi for the benefit of wananchi,” said President Kenyatta.

He said Jubilee leaders need to work as a team to transform Nairobi and deliver quality improved services required by Nairobi residents.

“We want to change Nairobi, not for the benefit of leaders, and not for the benefit of the few who are able to make it on their own, but for the majority who depend on us to change their lives,” said the President.

The President said time has come for elected leaders to put in place policies, which would transform citizen’s lives.

“If it is celebration please be moderate and thereafter start offering services. Kenyans who elected you are watching and after some time they will start questioning as to whether you are fulfilling what you promised,” he added.

The President noted that Kenyans now understand the power of a vote and if leaders fail to deliver then after five years they would be shown the door by wananchi.

The President urged them to continue preaching peace and unity amongst Nairobi residents and also initiate all-inclusive programmes which would transform the lives of young people.

“Please preach peace, tell wananchi in every estate to live together peaceful even as leaders sort out themselves. I’m counting on you to be peace ambassadors,” President Kenyatta told Nairobi Jubilee elected leaders.

Nairobi Governor-elect Mike Mbuvi Sonko who led the team said now that Jubilee won majority seats in Nairobi, leaders will work to implement Jubilee’s transformative agenda and improve services.

He said he doesn’t understand why the opposition is crying foul over the general election outcome and yet it is clear Jubilee won fairly as reflected by the number of seats it has won from MCA’s to governorship.

“We don’t understand why NASA is  saying the election was stolen, if you look at Nairobi  we won the majority seats from Members of County Assembly to Members of Parliament,” said the Nairobi Governor elect.

“Nairobi has been under opposition leadership for long but for the first time it is now under the ruling party,” he added.

Other speakers who included Senator-elect Johnson Sakaja and MP-elect Yusuf Hassan Abdi pledged to work together as a team so as to transform Nairobi and deliver quality services to the city residents.

“We will support our governor without any problem to ensure quality services to Nairobi residents,” said Kamukunji Mp elect Yusuf Abdi.

In the just concluded election, Jubilee party won nine seats for members of parliament and forty six seats for members of county assembly in Nairobi County.